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Chimichi Background Attempt Five by Akiralove
Chimichi Background Attempt Five
So here is the fifth attempt. I think I finally have the moon the way I want it. So YAY. In this picture I also played with scale. I was trying to make it to where I could maybe put in a few gravestones and perhaps even some clouds or mist. I dunno but it took forever to get that far. XD The fence was the hardest thing to do on here. So there is that. XP
Chimichi Background Attempt Four by Akiralove
Chimichi Background Attempt Four
I tried to go for a more realistic moon but o...o Do you know how hard it is getting the colors right for a harvest moon? I betcha do XD
Chimichi Background Attempt One by Akiralove
Chimichi Background Attempt One
My first ever try at doing a background in the paint program on a computer. >...> Now I dunno about you but this took me forever so if you have mastered that program OH MY GOD are you guys amazing. Because... Every Little Detail is like Miniature. Anyway I'm putting these attempts on here just because I don't want it to bog down my computer. Lot's of data is taken up when you got like tons of paint pictures eating it up. So yeah. Now I know what your thinking. That this isn't great. I know it's not really fantastic but it could be a lot worse haha. TRUST ME XD. I do much better work by hand but whatever if you don't practice your never gonna get any better so. Yup this is my practice.


United States
I personally Love all kinds of art. I mostly enjoy looking at others work... Though I do some of my own art on the side I do not upload it onto the internet because I myself cannot stand it when someone doesn't like what I draw or paint. Naturally on the internet that can happen more so than in reality. I mean I don't mind a critic or another artist telling me what I can work on but for some reason I don't like the few who go.

" I don't like it because I don't! " In any case I just wish to avoid such things which is why I am here to gander at others work. Maybe give a few comments on how amazing it is. Then perhaps start a Journal with some Writing in it. I do love poetry so maybe I will add some on for people to enjoy. >.> Hmm... I guess thats it. What a long comment this turned out to be. But Meh... You know what they say...

A cookie that is made with love is the yummiest and yet if someone isn't there to enjoy it with you then it makes it less special. Be sure to share that cookie. ^_^ Which has nothing to do with anything so yep. Ello internet world and hello people in it!

(( I wish I had seen this darn button before making a comment that I don't know how to delete XP God I am like half asleep while making this thing. ))

Current Residence: Inside of my box.
Favourite genre of music: All kinds.
Favourite photographer: The ones who don't take pictures of me.
Favourite style of art: I personally love all art. No style is bad.
Operating System: Umm... Computer? <.<
MP3 player of choice: I love the small apple MP3 It's small and easy to deal with.
Shell of choice: I don't understand this question. What on earth is a Shell? XD Like a sea shell?
Wallpaper of choice: I am sure you will see the wall paper of choice when it comes onto my profile.
Skin of choice: Again... Eh? Skin of choice? I like my skin but I am sure that's not what this thing is asking.
Favourite cartoon character: Cartoon character? I don't got one... Hmm... Well then again I do like the Road Runner.
Personal Quote: Don't set the toaster on fire. Just don't do it.
So I was working in paint today trying to take the time to finish one of my creations. Then I realized something. There was a button I hadn't tried to play with yet. When I did... Much to my surprise... It allowed me to copy a section of my character then past the body part in question then it allowed me to flip it around and put it on the other side. So here I was for DAYS struggling to get the body parts in some way equal or the same on both sides. When it was just a click away. To top it off... I discovered that there is a text button to click. A TEXT BUTTON?! So all the time I spent on Links picture on the thought bubble words I could have just entered in text via the text button. XD Allowing people to ACTUALLY READ THE TEXT. Haha I can't help but laugh... So now my stuff should be out quicker assuming I can finish Navi. ^~^ Well I guess it's time to finish what I started. XD

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Eyliant Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2011
I'm deeply moved, it would take a lot of time to comment all these things..
Anyway thanks again, that's so nice, i really appreciate it ! :huggle:
Akiralove Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2011
It's not even a problem. ^_^ I love your work. It's worth taking the time to give praise and to look through all of your pictures. Also thank you for the cookie >.> I love those ^^
Eyliant Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2011
I love cookies too, and you're very welcome !
It is rather me who should thank you for enjoying my art :iconfinallyplz:
Akiralove Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2011
I couldn't enjoy your art if you didn't draw it. >.> So if this is a thank you contest than I get to thank you more so mwahahaha! >o> I win! Also...

>.> I would like to ask you if perhaps I can have you draw something for me. >.> To represent the poem I put up. I mean the picture that is there I have no idea who drew it and I wanna give credit where it is due so...

I was thinking... Because I am in love with your art style I was wondering if perhaps you can draw me up something to represent what I wrote. Then I will like the picture to your other work too. >.> Not sure how to link but I can find out.

Although if your too busy I understand. <.< I just was tossing the question is all ^_^
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